video & motion design creation brief

The brief allows you to clearly express your wishes about what you want to get at the end of the work

The more precisely the conditions are formulated, the greater the possibility of achieving the desired result

Your name
The name of the person/company for which we are creating the video
Telegram, whatsapp, etc.:
The type of desired video or animation
Planned duration of the clip
Where you plan to post the video
Product / service / company description
Main competitors
Target audience
What materials can be provided
References (example of the desired result)
Speaker voiceover
Your additional wishes
How did you find us out?
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Briefing, defining the goals
and objectives of the video, identifying the features and strengths of your company
stages of cooperation
prepayment of 50% and start of work on the project
recording the arrangements and details of the project
work on the project:
script, video shooting, animation, video editing, sound design
and whatever else is required
by the task
approval of the project,
making edits if necessary
paying the rest of the fee, handing over the finished vedeo
Considering new projects and developing a strategy for company's development in the media space